A new way of gaming: Reimagined for continuous expansaion

Kampeni is built to grow with the journey of each player. Just like in real life, you'll never experience the same exact day twice, or defeat the same bad guy over and over again.

We want to create a world where a player's imagination can take them in whatever direction they desire - excavating untold of lands as archaeologists, creating the world's next doomsday potions Dark Scientists, or lightening things up as the best Jester they could be.

The Kampeni token lets you take that journey across all of our games, so you can continue to collect tokens and speciality items to make a difference in Kampeni on a number of different formats.

Our Roadmap

Successfully tested using generative agents to autonomosly play on games with on-chain asst.

Milestone 1

Launched first game prototype as Fortnite Island.

Milestone 2

Released a "tiny" MMO style game in a "play-to-airdrop" format


Introduce AI Agents as characters capable of independently advancing lore.

Milestone 4

Tokenize in game resources and participation in in-game adventuring, political, and economic organizations.


Begin transition to decentralized storytelling and game design and planning (excluding autonomous world).


Begin Kampeni's transition to a fully autonomous world.


Meet the Team

Levi Christian Pearson

Co-founder and Chief Storyteller

Jourdan Sutton

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Nivi Obla

Operations & Marketing

Shashay Tadesee

Data & Product