The World of Asase

Kampeni takes place in Asase, an alternative earth that has been home to titans, mythical and extraterrestrial creatures, and a proud lineage of heroes who have maintained order throughout Asase's written history.

Largely recognized as the first earth and a focal point for maintaining balance across the countless dimensions, Asase is known as “core earth.

But Asase’s history is long forgotten. No actually remembers why Asase is the core earth or understands its role in among the different dimensions.

Today, the Grand Commission, a collective of leaders of the most powerful nations and guilds, maintains a fragile peace among Asase's great powers.

The Grand Commission has done this playing off the people's fear and distrust to accumulate wealth and power. Any nation with aspirations to expand will be challenged by the grand commission.

It’s only a matter of time…

Launching our first playable zone: Western Ulwazi

Western Ulwazi is a region on the outskirts of Ulwazi's technologically advanced state. This region is a known jumping off point for many adventurers aligned with the Grand Commission.

Its harsh weather makes the region a hotbed for black markets and resistance fighters. The region is sparsely populated on the outskirts which has allowed a variety of cobras to overtake the region.