The world's largest storytelling game, engineered for grand campaigns

Kampeni is a grand storytelling game told across TTPRGs and digital games played with collectible characters, items and lore artifacts.

Here, players are in full control of their destiny as they embark on their own in Asase. No two players ever experience the same journey, challenges, or wins - and every decision affects the course of the entire world.

Kampeni goes beyond traditional role-playing with wizards, warriors, and dragons. By having playable classes like sanitation and social workers along side wizards and mages players can build complex stories not possible with other games.

The world of Kampeni is advanced across live events, video games, autonomous worlds, and tabletop RPG gameplay.  The best players in Kampeni are rewarded with cash and crypto rewards.

A never-ending, never-repeating, storytelling adventure.


Kampeni's communal approach to game and lore development allows anyone to tell unique stories that can be easily integrated into the lore of the broader games.

Each story becomes canon. Each campaign affects the fate of all the players across the game.

Expansive Economy

All of Kampeni's games share a single economy. Use the Kampeni Marketplace to move your characters and wealth across games and never lose you step in growing your empire.


Build wealth and power as a resident of a city, member of an adventurer or professional guild, merchant or politician. Collaborate with others or subvert your rivals to build your empire.

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